【Orbit Japan】会員の皆様

本日19時に「Orbit Japan」会員様へメールの送信をいたしました。


【 メールアドレス 】orbitjapanstaff@peacevoice.jp


At 19:00 today, an email was sent to Orbit Japan members.
Please check the content below because some of you responded with an error.

[Junk mail folder]
When receiving mail, it may be automatically sorted to the “Junk mail folder”.
Please set up to receive emails from “orbitjapanstaff@peacevoice.jp“.
For mobile phones, it may be blocked by your email settings, so please unlock it.

Mailboxes on the server have a quota, and if you do not receive and delete mail regularly, your inbox may fill up and you will not be able to receive new mail.
If you haven’t used mail recently, please delete unnecessary mail on the server.
In addition, if the company email is used as the email address at the time of registration, the security is more strict and the email itself from the secretariat may be rejected.

If you do not receive the email, please contact us below.
[E-mail address] orbitjapanstaff@peacevoice.jp